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“ improvised music from the fantastic Mark Langford on bass clarinet and tenor sax. Lovely combination of smooth and fiery tones, inspirational at the national jam earlier in the year…” Simon Leach, Bristol Contact Improv Dance coordinator

“..there’s always hope when Mark picks up the tenor sax..” Shirley Brown, writer and concert goer

“Langford blows windlessly in the willows ….the tender tenor singing in its dark river bed remains dominant.” Rigobert Dittman,  Bad Alchemy Magazin

“Hear Deep End; to follow Langford’s lines dropping into the abyss through that long black stick is to touch the bottom of the ocean. The full depth” Steve Day, Sandy Brown Jazz

“Langford played striking tenor sax and Dolphyesque bass clarinet” Jon Turney, Mainly Jazz in Bristol

Relaxed after gig .. Photo courtesy Derek Ripper

Photo courtesy Eddie Martin